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How to Create a Master CD or DVD

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The master CD or DVD disc is the disc that is supplied to a duplication or replication house for the information to be copied on to blank discs as many times as required. We supply some tips designed to help you create a high quality master disc as below:

1. Make sure to always purchase the highest quality media. You'd better buy a brand that will produce a high quality disc.

2. Avoid copying from a network source. Source files for your disk should be copied to your local disk before burning a disc. If not, you can firstly copy them to the hard drive.

3. When burning on a laptop computer, always ensure that the battery is full enough to duplicate or replicate.

4. Finalize your disc is very important. If the disc isn't finalized, it won't play back.

5. Never use the packet writing method to burn a master disc. The discs created by this method usually can't be read on many CD-ROM drives.

6. Avoid any type of impact or movement of the drive during burning. In this condition, the laser will skip or jump tracks. The result is that you will get errors or a bad disc.

7. Try your best to use the "burn proof" feature. Although this feature will increase the burn time, it will let you get a better quality of the disc.

8. Avoid having multiple applications open when burning, especially those that access the Internet or a network.

Now, you can create a master disc of excellent quality if you follow the tips above. Just try it!

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