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The Methods of Burning Video to DVD

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Precious memories could be treasured on your mind for the rest of your life. Digital memories, which are filmed by your digital camera or camcorder on those sweet and fantastic holidays, should be saved on DVD for the sake of long time collection, so that you could enjoy these funny, touching, comical videos with your family members and even let your offspring be part of these precious moments. Want to find a way to burn your holiday videos on DVD so that you can watch them on your DVD player? Nevertheless, here are some of the ways in which you can do this yourself:

First,the proper tools are needed. You can use DVD burner to create the video menu and start the burning process.

Typically, your DVD burner will also have the ability to convert different video files into the proper formats that are suitable to be burned onto DVD. Otherwise, you have to download or purchase video converters. It is very easy to start the burning process when you convert video files to the right file format.

There are two choices to burn video from your digital camcorder to DVD. Firstly, upload the video onto your computer and follow the methods given above.

Secondly, use a DVD recorder. Simply turn on your recorder and the television is hooked up to. Next, plug in your digital camcorder, and then turn it on. You should keep the digital camcorder in playback mode. Then connect a FireWire cable from the output of the digital camcorder into the input of the DVD recorder. Or, you can use analog cables instead of FireWire. You should pay attention that the inputs on your DVD recorder are matchable with the ones of the digital camcorder you are using. Lastly, put the recordable DVD into the recorder and start recording.

The special program is needed if you want to burn a VHS tape onto a DVD. The point is that VHS is in analog and DVD is digital. It is necessary to use an analog to digital video capture device, which is plugged into your USB port, to convert the VHS into a digital file. Now, follow the process of burning video on your computer to DVD.

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