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How to Add Text-to-Speech to an Audio File

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Swifturn Free Audio Editor gives you ability to add text-to-speech to an audio file during you edit it. You are allowed to write any word you want to add at anywhere of the audio track and the software will convert your word to the voice you selected. So you can add some explanations or any other word to your music or only convert any written text into spoken words.

Step 1. Add an Audio File

Launch Swifturn Free Audio Editor. Click "Open" (1) and a browser window pops up. You can choose an audio file of supported format from your computer (2). Then, click "Open" (3) to input the audio file to program. (You can add more than one audio file to the task window to edit.)

Add an Audio File

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Step 2. Insert Synthesized Speech

The waveform of the file can be viewed now. You need to left-click on the waveform to select an insertion point as needed (1). Then, click "File (2) - Text To Speech (3)" to activate the TTS tool. In the pop-up window you can enter the text you wish spoken (4). Choose the voice you need (Speech engine could be added through adding more voice packages) (5). Click "Synthesis Speech" (6) and within seconds the speech will be added to the selected point.

Insert Synthesized Speech

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Step 3. Save the Changes

Now, the speech is displayed in the waveform window, you can use editing function to edit it or add audio effects to meet your demands. You can click "Save" to save the changes (1). "Save File..." is to save the changes to the original file while "Save File As..." is to save the changes with a different file name and/or location. Various output formats are provided in the menu. Before you output the file, a window will pop up in which you can choose the preset quality or specify the configuration parameters of the output format.

Save the Changes

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